Gridiron Grill: Mister Tuna Toast

Chef Troy Guard shows us how to make Mister Tuna Toast.

Mister tuna toast:

Serves 4

2 pieces ciabatta bread

1 T butter


  • Spread butter over bread, season, lightly grill



4 c eggplant, grilled chopped

1 c grilled onion, chopped

½ c roasted red pepper, chopped

2 T Italian parlsey chopped

1 T capers, chopped

1 lemon, zest and then juiced

¼ c olive oil

4 T balsamic vinegar


  • Mix well together use that day to spread over grilled toast


4 oz tuna, grilled rare

4 oz tuna, olive oil poached



Spread , “mix” over grilled toast, then layer grilled tuna with poached tuna on top. Top with sea salt and chives.