5 inmates suspected of overdosing on crack cocaine in Denver jail

DENVER, Colo. — Five inmates in the Denver jail are suspected of overdosing on crack cocaine.

Police said the five inmates in the Downtown Detention Center were taken to the hospital Thursday afternoon.

One has since returned to the jail, police said in a statement released Friday morning.

A drug detection K-9 was -used to search of the pod, but no drugs were found, police stated.

“Inmates are put through a magnetometer as they enter the jail. After being booked, they are required to change into a jail uniform,” officials with the Denver Police Department stated. “Federal law requires that reasonable suspicion exist that a pre-trial detainee possesses weapons, drugs or contraband before a strip search can be conducted.”

Police said random cell searches are conducted regularly at both Denver jails and a drug detection dog is also used to regularly search the facilities.

“In response to a recent review of the Denver Sheriff Department by independent consultants, the department is currently increasing its efforts to prevent contraband from entering the facilities,” officials stated Friday.

Police said they are adding three more drug detection K-9s. They have also put a captain in charge of facility security.