Why Trump blitzed Colorado with three high profile events in one day

DENVER -- In one day the Trump campaign blitzed Colorado, holding events in Denver, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs and Grand Junction Thursday.

Ivanka Trump spoke at a Colorado Women's Alliance event in Denver before heading to a school in Fort Collins.

VP nominee Mike Pence spoke in Colorado Springs to a group of pastors and supporters during a town hall.

Donald Trump Jr. is planning on speaking to Colorado Sportsmen out on the Western Slope Thursday night.

All of these visits come just days after Donald Trump himself made an appearance in Colorado Springs.

"Just about any path to 270 comes through Colorado," Robert Blaha, Chairman of the Trump Campaign in Colorado, told FOX31 political reporter Joe St. George.

Blaha may be right.

Based on the current political map, even if Trump wins North Carolina, Ohio and Florida -- Clinton would win the presidency.

In order to achieve 270 electoral votes, Trump needs to start picking off other states, like Colorado, which is why Blaha predicts more commercials.

"We've been up on TV in Colorado and more commercials are coming," Blaha said.

The three Trump surrogate visits come on the same day as two polls came out giving conflicting pictures of the race in Colorado.

A Franklin and Marshall Poll has Clinton up 9 in a head-to-head matchup while a Quinnipiac Poll has the race tied. 

Meanwhile, the Clinton campaign released an interview with Funny or Die Thursday.