Funeral held for couple killed in crash, both were popular HS teachers

LONGMONT, Colo. -- It was a tearful goodbye for the married couple killed in a wreck last week. A community in Longmont gathered Thursday night at the Rocky Mountain Christian Church to celebrate the life of Jared and Genevieve Sommervold.

Family, friends, colleagues, and students gathered to share what made the couple so special. Both Jared and Gen, as she was called, were described as selfless and passionate about their jobs as High School teachers. Gen taught at Fort Collins High School. Jared was a teacher and coach at Longmont High School.

Last Friday the couple died in a rollover crash along I-25 southbound in Larimer County. Their 2-year-old daughter survived. Many said they take comfort in knowing their memory will live on in their baby girl.

“Auralia, I want you to know your parents were the best in the world. They cared so deeply for you and enjoyed every second they had with you,” shared Travis, one of Jared’s brothers.

“The greatest gift they could have ever given to us is Aurelia. Looking at her, she is equal parts mommy and equal parts daddy. She is a beautiful reminder of them both,” added Genevieve’s sister.

At the service, guests were asked to write down their favorite memory with Jared and Gen. They will be saved and shared with their daughter Auralia when she is older.

A family friend has set up a GoFundMe account to help raise money for the daughter's schooling.