‘Racist’ Snapchat image angers Quinnipiac students

HAMDEN, Conn. — Quinnipiac University is investigating after an offensive Snapchat image surfaced on social media Tuesday, allegedly involving at least one student.

The photo shows a smiling white female with what appears to be black makeup on her face and the caption “black lives matter.”

Many are calling for her expulsion, but sources told WTIC, the girl in the photo was using a facial beauty mask, and a friend, also a Quinnipiac University student, took the photo.

Without the knowledge of the girl in the beauty mask, she then allegedly wrote the caption. Sources said the student who took the photo is being disciplined, not the student in the photo.

Many comments on Facebook indicate they found the photo reprehensible, but want others to know that she is not representative of the Quinnipiac community.

It's unknown how the Snapchat photo went viral on social media in the first place.

On Tuesday, the university posted a statement on its Facebook page