Denver police officer hit by car during protest awarded full-tuition scholarship

DENVER — The Denver police officer who was hit by car during a protest nearly two years ago has been awarded a special scholarship.

Officer John Adsit has been granted a full-tuition scholarship through University of Phoenix and the International Association of Chiefs of Police, according to a statement released Monday.

The Still Heroes Scholarship Fund is designed to give traumatically injured officers the chance to reach their education goals, according to officials.

Adsit plans to get a bachelor’s degree in psychology at the university “so that he can be better equipped to help other victims of violence handle the same mental struggles he experienced during his recovery,” officials said.

In December 2014, Adsit was on a bicycle, and was hit and nearly killed by an out-of-control driver while protecting teenagers on a protest march on East Colfax Avenue near East High School.

Adsit was dragged for nearly a block. He suffered a broken pelvis, broken femur, a severed artery, a collapsed lung and eye damage. Two other officers on bicycles also were hit and suffered minor injuries.

Adsit, underwent 18 surgeries and was finally able to return to work in August — 21 months after the accident.

While he was recovering, Adsit launched the nonprofit organization Adsit Strong to help injured first responders.

“The purpose of this nonprofit is to help other officers in similar situations to me … not only officers, any first responder, paramedic, firefighter. We all are going out there and putting our lives in serious jeopardy,” he said in July.