Fort Carson soldier wears lion costume, surprises daughter at school

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- A man in a lion costume who read a story to a class of young elementary school students had quite an emotional surprise for one of the little girls Tuesday.

When he finished his story, he asked one of the students to come up to him.

"I have a special surprise for someone in here today," Fort Carson soldier Eric Cook said.

He called the girl's name and she approached him.

"Someone has missed you for a very long, long time," the man in the lion costume said.

He gave her some flowers, took off his lion head and it became obvious that she missed her dad, too.

The soldier was scheduled to come home Friday after being away from his wife and daughter for 10 months in Egypt, Kuwait and Iraq. His little girl was very surprised and had no clue it was him in the lion costume.

Chris Minter, a cousin of the family, shot the video.