Legacy football players return to practice after bus crash

BROOMFIELD, Colo. -- Football players from Legacy High School were back on the field Tuesday, two days after a deadly bus crash sent many of them to area hospitals.

Two of the three coaches were discharged from hospitals Tuesday, but with one still hospitalized, players were doing their best to prepare for Friday's homecoming game.

"It's actually been rough because we have a lot of friends on the football team," junior Chris Adams said.

The players, many of whom were inside the bus that crashed on Sunday, are still processing much of what they saw, heard and felt.

Many are still trying to come to terms with a tragedy that took the life of bus driver Kari Chopper. The students athletes didn't want to talk on Tuesday. Their injured coaches were top of mind.

"We heard that one of them was in a medically induced coma," junior Sammi Dentino said. "We're all praying that they're going to be OK, and that they're going to come back soon."

The hospital is limiting the amount of visitors for the remaining coach. One coach who was back home posted on social media that he was suffering from a concussion and a few fractures.

"It's pretty surreal just because it actually happened [here]," freshman Keira Dittrich said. "You always see this kind of stuff, but it never happens to your people, your school."

Starting Monday, students proudly showed off their school pride with #LegacyStrong. Counselors are still available to anyone who needs assistance, according to school administrators.

Students, teachers and parents are hoping the spirit of homecoming week will continue to bring the teens together and help the healing process.

"I think that we're blessed it happened on homecoming week," Adams said. "If it had happened any other time, I don't think the school would've rallied as much."

The school's booster club is accepting donations for the crash victims' medical bills and for the bus driver's family. Money is being accepted at Legacy High School until 2 p.m. Wednesday.

A public benefit block party will be held at the school on Thursday from 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. at 2701 W. 136th Ave.