Students take action when teacher needs new kidney

PARKER, Colo. -- Fifth grade teacher Molly Wright never gave up on her students.  And in her hour of need, they never gave up on her.

In 2015, while pregnant, Wright experienced a critical kidney failure immediately after the birth of her son Nolan.

"It was shock.  So I went from being pregnant to being in a hospital and had no idea what had happened," Wright said.

She was in the fight of her life.

"I had to be on dialysis three days a week.  I had a stroke.  I had a fever," she said.

Her doctors cut to the chase.

"They said they wanted me on the kidney transplant list, and find me a kidney," she said.

Wright's fifth grade class immediately went into action and started the Find Molly a Kidney campaign.

The kids made fliers, T-shirts and even held a school assembly to spread the word. One month later, Molly Wright received a new kidney.

"It went great, it couldn't have gone better." Wright said.

Even though Wright's students didn't find her kidney,  they nevertheless found a place in her heart.

"Oh, they're amazing, absolutely amazing," she said.

A mini-reunion took place recently at Prairie Crossing Elementary in Parker with her former students.

"I've taught them for four or five years. They're just, they just blow me away," Wright said.

Sometimes the best lesson kids can learn, has nothing to do with a classroom.