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Gridiron Grill: Roasted Chicken

Chef Troy Guard shows us how to make Roasted Chicken.

TAG style roasted chicken / green bean gremolata / grilled mushroom gravy

Serves 4


1 whole roasted chicken cooked through, broken down in four pieces



1# green beans , blanched

½ of lemon zested

½ orange zested

2 T toasted bread crumbs

1 T Italian parsley , chopped

  • Mix well.


2 C mushroom chopped ( your favorite )

1 T butter

3 T white wine


1 sprig thyme

1 c heavy cream

¼ c  beef stock

  • Heat skillet, add butter then Saute mushrooms , deglaze with white wine, then add cream , reduce by a third then add beef stock.


  • Divide green beans on plates, followed by chicken , then sprinkle of gremolata , then ladle gravy over dish….