Police arrest suspect caught on camera peeking in teen’s bedroom window

ARVADA, Colo. -- Police identified and arrested a suspect Friday who they said was caught peeking in the window of a 17-year-old girl, the Arvada Police Department said.

Police said the release of surveillance video resulted in thousands of people sharing the video and within 24 hours, they identified a suspect.

“We are grateful that so many people shared the video footage and because of that, the suspect was quickly identified,” Cmdr. Michelle Moriarty said. "When the community comes together like they did in this instance, it helps ensure the continued safety of our city."

It happened Aug. 7 in the 17000 block of West  87th Avenue. A man called police and reported seeing a stranger looking in his daughter’s bedroom window.

The father described the suspect as a middle-aged white man, police said. His hair is short or shaved, he has a receding hairline and is balding on the crown of his head.

In the video, he is seen looking into a window, then approaching the front door, then turning and going back to the window.


"You can see where he goes to the door and goes back to the window," police spokeswoman Jill McGranahan said. "It's always disconcerting when someone you don't know is looking in your house."

McGranahan said something like this is unusual for a community with overall low crime rates.

"Arvada is a very safe community," McGranahan said. "We don't like to see this type of activity, and we want to make sure that we address it as soon as possible."

The surveillance security system, with motion detection, recorded the video to the girl's father's computer.