Fact checking Commander in Chief Forum

DENVER -- While Wednesday's Commander in Chief Forum was not a debate -- it was one of the most widely watched political events in months.

More than 14 million people are estimated to have watched the NBC event, moderated by Matt Lauer.

Lauer has since been inundated with criticism that some questions were too soft and proper "fact checks" weren't done on the spot.

The Problem Solvers were interested in fact checking some of the candidates claims.

Hillary Clinton

Topic: Emails/private server

Quote: "I took it very seriously."

Rating: False

Reason: FBI Director James Comey has said on the record he believed Clinton acted with "extreme carelessness" regarding having a private server and emails, some of which had classified material on it.

Topic: Emails/private server

Quote: "There is no evidence my email was hacked."

Rating: True

Reason: The FBI has said they do not believe Clinton's server/emails were ever compromised. 

Donald Trump

Topic: Iraq

Quote: "I was always against the war in Iraq"

Rating: False

Reason: Buzzfeed discovered that in 2002 during a Howard Stern interview, Trump said "Yeah, I guess so" when asked if he supported the Iraq invasion. 

Topic: Trump would have better Russian relations/Putin's leadership

Quote: "Well he does have a 80 percent approval rating."

Rating: True

Reason: Russia's president does enjoy high approval ratings and his daughter Ivanka is rumored to have vacationed with Putin's girlfriend.