Days before debate, Bennet campaign launches attack website on Darryl Glenn

Sen. Michael Bennet and Republican challenger Darryl Glenn.

Sen. Michael Bennet and Republican challenger Darryl Glenn.

DENVER — Days before the first U.S. Senate debate, Sen. Michael Bennet’s campaign has launched a website attacking Darryl Glenn. launched Thursday.

The website labels Glenn as an obstructionist, a supporter of Donald Trump and being out of touch with Coloradans.

This campaign tactic is nothing new. In the internet era, campaigns are constantly trying to win the “Google crowd,” creating websites that might get clicks.

The Glenn campaign issued the following statement in response:

“It’s laughable that Michael Bennet can accuse Darryl Glenn of not wanting to work across the aisle, when Bennet’s own record reflects that he’s a partisan hack who votes with the Democrats and President Obama nearly 100% of the time. He consistently votes with the Democrats on legislation that devastate Colorado’s families— like his continued support of Obamacare, rather than putting the needs of Coloradans first.”

Glenn and Bennet will meet in their first debate on Saturday night in Grand Junction.