Broncos stadium parking highway sign splattered with graffiti

DENVER -- Tens of thousands of Broncos fans will get to Sports Authority Field at Mile High for Thursday's season opener against the Carolina Panthers, many by northbound Interstate 25.

While everything from the banners to the new championship logos appear to be ready to go, one sign in the shadow of the stadium is without question not up to par -- the stadium parking sign off I-25 that has been splatterd with graffiti.

"I drive by it everyday and I'm like can't they clean it up?" Steve Dale said. "It's been like a month."

Colorado Department of Transportation spokeswoman Amy Ford emphasized the agency has a sign division, as well as a cleanup crew, that deals with graffiti matters.

First, the cleanup crew must assess if it can be cleaned up, then a new sign must be ordered if it can't -- costing tax payers.

Ford said it depends on where it falls on the priorities list.

"There are a lot priorities on our system whether it's fixing our guardrails or fixing potholes," Ford said.

While Ford said it has been made a priority, it is unclear if it will be cleaned up in time for Thursday's game.