London Uber driver takes woman on 35-mile detour while she sleeps

LONDON — A London woman is not happy with Uber after what should’ve been a five- to 10-minute ride turned into 90 minutes, Metro reports.

Hannah Warman said she was at a friend’s party just minutes from her house, but said she had a “bit too much to drink” and chose to call an Uber instead of walking.

“Then, I must’ve fallen asleep in the car. I woke up a couple of times and said, ‘Why is this taking so long?’ and I think I assumed he’d got a bit lost or something but I had no idea it’d been an hour and a half,” Warman said.

Warman added, “I fell back asleep. I went straight to bed once I’d got home and I only realized what had happened the next day when I got an email receipt for my ($113) Uber journey.”

Uber tried to make it right by refunding her money, but she has lost trust in the service.

“After a lot of emails, Uber have refunded most of the fee (£71 was refunded), but I feel like I don’t trust them anymore,” Warman said. “I feel like they should reassure me that the driver was penalized or dismissed and explain how this could’ve happened.”

A spokesman for Uber told Metro that it is speaking with the driver and the rider to establish what happened that night. It said it gave Warman a full refund.

“We are speaking to the licensed driver and the rider to establish exactly what happened and have given the rider a full refund,” the Uber spokesman said.

“Unlike other transport options Uber’s technology records every trip and sends riders a receipt with a map of the route taken. This transparency and accountability means if there is an issue it can be quickly resolved.”