Former Marine feels conned out of cash, wedding photos

NORTHGLENN, Colo. -- An Iraq war veteran got married in the spring in his hometown of Windsor.

But Dennis Brunner, 29, has yet to receive his wedding photos.

Brunner said the man hired to capture the wedding day on June 4 is MIA.

Matthew Lane of Scenic Embrace beautifully captures couples getting married. But little did Brunner and his new wife, Dee, know that hiring Lane would tie their stomachs in knots.

"We signed a contact with him and everything, and paid him in full. And he did not show up. He had a friend show up,” Brunner said.

Lane was paid about $575 but say they only got about 60 usable proofs from the substitute shooter.

"Other than the preacher, he's the most important person," Brunner said.

They counted on Lane to capture moments they can never get back -- with family and friends who might never come together like this again.

"One of my friends from the Marine Corps who I served with in Iraq came in from Michigan. We did not get a single picture together," Brunner said.

They think the photographs the stand-in shot are lovely. But they didn't get nearly what they paid for. And now they can't get a hold of Lane.

"He's just a con artist. He's making a business out of getting money from people and half delivering or not at all," Brunner said.

Problem Solvers stopped by the address listed on Lane's business Facebook page at 6500 S. Dayton St. It's an apartment complex called Copper Terrace and he's no longer there.

A phone recording said Lane’s voicemail was full, but he Lane returned a missed call.

He said he just moved to Pennsylvania to be with his son, closed his business in Colorado and  has fallen behind in the process.

He said he plans to give the Brunners their pictures within a week.

"We could have had family or friends do it. We want them to enjoy the day. That's why we hired a professional, someone we thought was professional," Brunner said.