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Boulder police ‘remain focused’ on finding justice for JonBenet Ramsey

BOULDER, Colo. — With the 20th anniversary approaching in less than four months, Boulder police Chief Greg Testa released a video statement Thursday saying the department remains focused on the investigation into the death of JonBenet Ramsey.

Ramsey was 6 years old when she was found dead in the basement of her family’s home in the 700 block of 15th Street on the day after Christmas 1996.

Her mother Patsy Ramsey called 911 to say her daughter was missing and a ransom note was found. Her father John Ramsey found her body. An autopsy declared she died of strangulation.

“We have not and will not give up,” Testa said. “We remain focused on this investigation and finding justice for JonBenet.”

John and Patsy Ramsey constantly maintained they had nothing to do with the death even after they were the focus of a grand jury that first convened in September 1998.

It was later revealed the grand jury decided to indict John and Patsy Ramsey, but then-Boulder County District Attorney Alex Hunter did not sign the indictment, which was sealed for several years.

Hunter said there was not enough evidence to file charges.

In 2008, then-Boulder County District Attorney Mary Lacy said DNA uncovered in the case had a “genetic profile (that) belongs to a male and does not belong to anyone in the Ramsey family.”

No member of the Ramsey family, including brother Burke Ramsey, was considered suspects, Lacy said. No charges have been filed in the case.

Patsy Ramsey died of ovarian cancer in 2006.

Later this month, a three-part interview with Burke Ramsey by Dr. Phil will air. The interview will reveal “shocking, never-before-heard details about one of America’s most talked about cold cases,” according to producers. The interview will air Sept. 12, 13 and 19.

Testa said more than 1,500 pieces of evidence have been processed and more than 200 DNA samples were analyzed.

The department has received more than 20,000 letters, tips and emails, and more than 1,000 people have been interviewed.

“The Boulder Police Department is committed to finding justice for JonBenet through a methodical and comprehensive investigation while looking at all aspects of the case,” Testa said. “This is an open investigation.”

Police have received several media requests as the 20-year anniversary approaches.

“This video has been created to express the department’s continued commitment to this open case and demonstrate the level of investigation that has occurred to date, while also protecting the integrity of the ongoing investigation,” the department said.

“Members of the Boulder Police Department will not be participating in interviews related to this investigation.”