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Street paving on South Broadway wrecking rush hour

DENVER -- It's a dirty,  hot job,  but somebody has got to do it.

Work is being done on a stretch of South Broadway from Kentucky Avenue to Arizona Avenue, and a section of Mississippi Avenue between the railway and Sherman Street.

The South Broadway Reconstruction Project began in March and will continue into late 2017.

The helter skelter of lane closures, orange cones and rush-hour delays are having an affect on businesses on Broadway.

That includes the popular eatery GB Fish-n-Chips.

The British bistro is just a bangers throw from the construction, and business has been bumped.

"Yeah, it feels like forever," worker Kacie Carlson said. "We'll get backups all the way down and sometimes, you know, I'll be a couple minutes late for work because I'm waiting at that light for three cycles.  But you know we just make good food and people keep on coming."

Denver Public Works suggest finding alternate routes during the construction.