Denver’s largest open space park now open to public

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DENVER -- Sometimes big ideas come from small things.  Like taking your dog for a walk in the park. That’s what happened to Scott Gilmore.

“The plants were here, the trees were here. You know we would always see these big mule deer in the Rocky Mountain Arsenal on the other side of the fence,” he said.

So Gilmore got to thinking.

“I believe it would have been a perfect place" for an open space park, he said.

And how fortuitous that Gilmore was the man inspired on his walk. He so happens to be the City of Denver’s deputy executive director of Parks and Planning.

“Pretty good for me, and pretty good for the city," he said.

So Gilmore got the ball rolling on what is now Denver’s largest open space park, First Creek at Den Open Space.

“This has been something that has been off-limits to the community, and now we’re saying you are welcomed," he said.

The project cost the city around $35,000.

Turning the 198 acres near Pena Boulevard and Buckley Road was a no-brainer for Mayor Michael Hancock.

"It’s a tremendous opportunity," he said. "You can bike, you can walk, but more importantly for people to see the unbelievable wildlife and open space.”

A lot of good ideas can be had when you’re just walking the dog.