Colorado delegates ready to go to RNC in Cleveland

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DENVER -- Republicans in Colorado are preparing to leave for Cleveland and the Republican National Convention, which begins Monday. Some are already there while many are departing this weekend.

“I’m extremely excited,” said Steve Barlock, an alternate delegate and Donald Trump supporter. “I’m prepared to step up and have my voted counted for Trump" should any funny business arise.

Such “funny business” includes an effort to dump Trump being led by another Colorado delegate, Kendall Unruh. Scott Gessler, also a GOP delegate, said he still plans on voting for Sen. Ted Cruz in Cleveland.

“The Colorado delegation is still very much a pro-Cruz delegation. They've not been convinced Trump is the best choice,” Gessler said.

One thing is clear: Colorado’s delegates will not have a lot of star power company when they venture to northeast Ohio. Of the five Republicans in Congress, only Ken Buck is expected to stay the entire convention.

Sen. Cory Gardner will leave Tuesday before Trump’s speech, saying Saturday he hopes to be a Trump supporter one day but that day just hasn’t come yet.

“I hope to be able to support the republican ticket going forward,” Gardner said.