IPhone feature lets emergency crews see medical details

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iPhone Medical ID

DENVER — While many people store personal information on their phones, if it is locked, police and emergency crews can’t see any of the potentially life-saving details.

If you have an iPhone with iOS8 or later, there’s a feature that lets you store medical information and emergency contacts that can be accessed even when the phone is locked.

It’s called Medical ID and it’s part of the Health app included by default on newer iPhones.

How to set up your iPhone Medical ID

    • Go to the Health app on the phone.
    • Tap “Medical ID” on the menu along the bottom of the app.
    • Tap “Edit” in the upper right corner.
    • Enter your information.
    • Turn on “Show When Locked” to allow anyone access from the phone’s lock screen.

How to access Medical ID on a locked iPhone

  • Wake the phone.
  • Swipe left to right.
  • Tap “Emergency.”
  • Tap “Medical ID.”