Are your children getting the right amount of sleep?

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KENOSHA, Wis. — A healthy diet is just part of the equation for a focused child. The other is getting enough sleep.

And that means going to be at the right time so children are alert, according to a chart put together by a teacher at a Wisconsin school.

Principal Yolanda Jackson-Lewis saw the chart had more than 300,00 in a matter of shares after it was posted to the school’s Facebook page.

“I reposted it and it’s information that a lot of new parents don’t know,” parent Miguelinda Martinez said.

That was kindergarten and first grade teacher Stacy Karlsen’s line of thinking when she posted it.

“I didn’t make it up. I found it coming across my personal page and I thought wow this is super helpful,” she said.

And even though she never expected the kind of response it has generated, Karlsen is glad the conversation is at least getting started.

“Sleep is energy to our kids,” she said. “They need every amount of energy they can get.”

Added Martinez: “At least you have a starting point, somewhere to start from.”