JeffCo Deputy’s usual routine makes elderly woman’s day

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DENVER -- According to Jefferson County Deputy's Jesse Daniels own admission - it was routine.

“I saw an elderly lady getting out of her car," Daniels said.

It happens all the time; it was not above the call of duty.

“So I parked my car and asked her what was going on," Daniels said.

A stalled car at an intersection in Littleton, the driver needed assistance.

“Very mad and very upset because cars either go or don't go in my opinion, " Joan Newlin said.

Maybe we should say the car needed assistance, because Joan Newlin gets along pretty well by herself.

A World War II bride from Australia, the self-described independent woman was out on errands when her car called it quits.

“She wanted to talk to or call her son so i gave her my phone so she could make that phone call," said Daniels.

It was that one simple act of kindness that really resonated with Newlin

“I just was overcomed at such kindness," she said.

So much so, Newlin had her daughter Martha write an open letter of thanks to The Denver Post.

“Then he drove her home.  He treated her with respect, dignity and as if she was his own mother..."

Just another day for deputy Daniel, but a very special day for Joan Newlin.