Detroit man who commutes 21 miles on foot, gets new car

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DETROIT —James Robertson looks as though he might cry, as he checks out his new car, a gift from Suburban Ford in Sterling Heights.

Finally a ride to and from work for a man whose Honda broke down 10 years ago.

Since then he's been taking buses and using his boots to get to his job in Rochester hills from his home in Detroit and back again, 21 miles of walking, every day.

STORY: Fundraiser helps get car for Detroit man who commutes 21 miles a day — by foot

It's been a long time since he's had a car.

"Put your foot on the brake, Oooohhh Put your foot on the brake and push that button," Fischer said.

Last time James drove, cars actually had keys, now he's just got a fob.

As he listens to the purr of the engine, James is overcome with emotion and gratitude.

It's so good to see him smile

"He actually, when we were sitting in the car he almost started to cry - I'm like James you can't do that you're making me cry too,” Fischer said.

"It was incredible. I almost started crying. The goal of $5,000 to raise," Leedy said.

Instead Evan Leedy, a student at Wayne State has raised more than $300,000 with his GoFundMe account, and the dealership has donated this brand new beautiful Ford Taurus. Exactly what James had wanted.

"The reason why I picked a Ford Taurus strong heart from the inside,” Robertson said.

James sure has a whole lot of heart and his story has resonated in the hearts of so many, all over the world.

"I'd like to thank all the people who made the contributions - you guys are the real heroes as far as I'm concerned,” Robertson said.