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This device will revolutionize how kids learn to tie their shoes


LONGMONT, Colo. — Eileen Sloan gave up her 1st grade teaching job to invent a device which teaches kids how to tie their own shoes.

“My days were filled with ‘Can you tie my shoes Miss Sloan?,’” she said. “So I took my passion for teaching and am now teaching kids how to do it themselves.”

“The reward is kids coming up after a session telling me they can do it themselves,” she added.

We caught up with Sloan at the Goddard School in Longmont.

She is working on a deal to introduce the EZLeaps device to schools located across the country.

EZLeaps is basically a flat card with holes that guide learners through making loops and tying them.

The devices are in Nordstrom stores and she is hoping to land Converse, which is owned by Nike, to put a device in each pair of kids shoes sold.

“I came up with the device by cutting plastic coffee can lids and poking some holes in them, but the devices we make are collectables for kids,” Sloan said.
“They have a space on the back to document the date and place they learned to tie their own shoes.”

Rebecca Hall, Principal at the school said, “These kids are so empowered after learning to tie their shoes, it’s amazing!”

At any given time, more than 18 million kids are of age when they should learn to tie ‘em up, but haven’t learned yet.