Dieting Myths Debunked

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Registered Dietitian Rachel Begun tells us some dieting myths you have to stop believing.

Myth #1 - Carbs are the enemy

Carbs are NOT the enemy. In fact, most people don’t even understand what carbs are and which foods contain them, which is a good place to start for understanding this misunderstood macronutrient

Myth #2 - All fat is bad

Back in the 90’s, the thinking was that eating fat causes you to become fat. However, nutrition is an evolving science and our understanding of dietary fats has completely changed. Just like not all carbs are the enemy, not all fats are bad either. Today, we’re more concerned about the quality of fats in the diet and less concerned about the overall quantity.

Myth #3: Removing gluten from the diet is effective for weight loss

There is no scientific evidence to show that for the general population removing gluten from the diet, in and of itself, causes weight loss.

Myth #4 - Eating after 8pm causes weight gain

There is no evidence to show that eating past a certain time will cause weight gain. It comes down to how many calories you eat throughout the whole day and if the majority of those calories are coming from nutrient-dense foods that are giving the body what it needs to function optimally.

Myth #5: 6 mini-meals per day are better than 3 squares

There is a belief that eating more times throughout the day burns more calories and is better for our metabolism. While we do burn calories every time our body digests foods, the amount is so small that the effect on weight loss is insignificant. Every body is different when it comes to how many meals are best for maintaining a healthy weight. It comes down to physiological characteristics as well as how your day and schedule is structured.

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