Ursine alert: Bear sighting sparks law enforcement response in Erie

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ERIE, Colo. -- A bear spotting in Old Town Erie had local law enforcement on ursine alert Saturday.

The bear was sighted about 1 a.m. at a Conoco gas station near County Line and Jasper roads, the Erie Police Department said.

Law enforcement and wildlife officials were patrolling the area. Residents were asked to avoid the bear if they see it, and to call police at 303-441-4444.


  • Nancy Anderson

    A ‘pesky’ bear? Soon, this bear is going to be made out as a monster, when all he/she is trying to do is put on calories before winter, what a bear naturally does, and just trying to survive like we all are! Do a little research and take proper precautions, people! I certainly hope this bear does not end up dead because a few people are ‘freaking out’ over a bear sighting in town!

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