CSU crushes CU with huge 2nd half rally in Rocky Mountain Showdown

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DENVER --The Colorado State Rams dominated the Colorado Buffaloes with an impressive second half performance to kick off the college football season in Denver Friday night.

The two rivals met in the Rocky Mountain Showdown at Sports Authority Field at Mile High. The underdog Rams won 31-17 after scoring 24 unanswered points.

It's the 86th meeting between the rivals, with the Buffaloes leading 62-21-2, including 8-5 in games in Denver. CU has won three of the past four meetings, including 41-27 last year in coach Mike MacIntyre's debut. In 2012, CSU beat CU 22-17 in coach Jim McElwain's debut.

63,000+ showed up for the rivalry game at the Broncos' stadium.

CSU was down 10-0 in the 2nd quarter with Dee Hart showed that a little guy can sure be one tough running back. His touchdown brought the Rams within 3 at 10-7.

The Buffaloes caused a turnover at the start of the 3rd quarter and then Sefo Liufau threw to Nelson Spruce for a one-handed grab. CU had a 17-7 lead.

But it was time for the Rams to come roaring back.

Treyous Jarrells ran the ball into the end zone for the Rams to make it 17-14. CSU's running game looked strong against CU Friday night.

The Rams defense stood tough and then CSU QB Garrett Grayson lobbed it to Rashard Higgins for another TD. CSU scored yet again and with time winding down in the 4th quarter, the Rams had a 28-17 lead. A late field goal of 52 yards extended the lead to 31-17 with 2:39 left in the game.

CU is coming off a 4-8 season. It has not had a winning since 2005 and last went to a bowl in 2007, when it lost to Alabama 30-24 in the Independence Bowl.

The Buffs are 0-1 as they travel to UMass for a game next weekend.

CSU lost three of its first four games last season, but then went 6-3 to claim a bowl berth and rallied to beat Washington State 48-45 in the New Mexico Bowl to finish 8-6. The Rams head to Boise State next Saturday.






  • Tino

    Please PLEASE stop calling this a ‘rivalry’ game. CU is the flagship university of the state of Colorado. CU is in the PAC-12 conference. Colo. St is still in the MWC, a borderline Div II conference. THere’s no comparison in academics or athletics between these two schools. csu’s in state rival is more like Air Force. They’re both in the same conference. Even on many levels. Either way, GO BUFFS. fort collins is the ‘poor mans’ Boulder!!

    • Rick

      Poor Tino. CU is a doormat in the PAC 12 and would be so in the MWC. CU is the flagship program for being sanctioned by the NCAA for running a dirty program multiple times. It routinely makes the headlines for its players’ criminal activities, and is a national joke. Get over yourself.

      • Anonymous

        Rick you’re delusional & retarded. The mwc is a crappy conference with low budget schools. For you to think the mwc even rates when compared to the Pac-12 shows how ignorant you truly are.

    • Ellie

      Sorry Tino, but CSU is a Division I school, Comparing the two universities academically is like comparing apples to oranges as each have caliber programs – just in different disciplines. Athletically, numerous have been the top athletes from CSU who have achieved at the professional and Olympic level.

    • Carin

      What an elitist comment! You are such a DBag!! What makes you better than anyone else? People who don’t attend a university are no worse/capable than people who chose a different path. You are gross!!!! Hope my son or daughter never have to interact with a closed minded troglodyte like u!! Alas. It’s unlikely. FWit!

    • Lindsey

      Well Tino, most students who go to CSU and CU would probably disagree with you about this not being a rivalry. And if there is “no comparison, ” as you put it, between the two in athletics then logically they should have steamrolled right over the Rams tonight. Sounds like we have a bitter Buffalo over here.

    • Dave

      Here’s some fun facts to help lift the cloud of misguided elitist ignorance from Tino’s location.
      CU has been found guilty of major NCAA infractions in 1962, 1973, 1980, 2002, and 2007. We can also share such names as Damion Barton, Rae Carruth, Jeffery Hall, Michael Sipili, and the players who abused Katie Hnida. Tino would love to hitch his wagon to the Pac 12’s accomplishments, but bragging about being a doormat in any conference is perplexing. Fact is, CU is a national joke. Always has been, always will be. There are no fifth downs anymore.

  • Bryon

    Timothy I hate to be the one to tell you this, but Boulder is not without flaws as you seem to think. Many students choose to go to CSU or out of state to I do not know Nebraska. This choice is primarily on the elitist arrogant attitudes such as yours. GO RAMS!!! GO HUSKERS!!!

  • MissouriRam

    CSU has a volleyball program that is so much better these days than the one at CU that the Buffs refuse to play them anymore. What is up with that Tino? Getting knocked out of the NCAA tourny by an “inferior” rival 2 or 3 times really hurts. My guess is if the Rams string together some wins in Football as well, then mysteriously there will be scheduling conflicts and the Rocky Mountain Showdown won’t happen anymore. Have fun with UMass–the only other game you have circled as winnable.

  • Kaplis Whomper

    Another PAC-10 bottom of the bucket year. They can’t even beat CSU. Remember when they sent those sad hookers upon those L.A. County prospects? 25% of the team is in Boulder bars with fake i.d.’s.

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