83-year-old gets 6 years for crash that killed Jefferson County Sheriff’s deputy

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GOLDEN, Colo. -- An 83-year-old man who caused a crash that killed a Jefferson County sheriff's deputy was sentenced to six years in community corrections Friday.

Kenneth Hosch of Golden pleaded guilty in June to a vehicular homicide. He was arrested after the crash that killed Sgt. David Baldwin on Highway 93 on Jan. 26.

Investigators said Hosch was speeding and crossed over into the northbound lane as he was driving southbound on Highway 93 to pass a vehicle. He collided head-on with Sgt. Baldwin, who was riding his deputy motorcycle.

The judge in the case said Hosch can only be released to conduct sessions where he educates other elderly drivers about the consequences of careless driving.

Hosch's attorney argued his client should not serve jail time because he helped put together the education program.

The judge noted that Hosch has a bad driving record, and his sentence should serve as a further deterrent against the very thing Sgt. Baldwin worked during his career to try to prevent: careless driving that can result in killing or injuring people and changing lives forever.

The elderly man will serve his sentence in a halfway house.





  • Marmie

    An elderly man kills a deputy by accident and serves 6 years. A cop shows off the “kill” he made on an elderly elk who delighted residents for years by visiting the Mapleton Street area of Boulder gets 4 felony counts and no punishment in a country with a “3-strikes-your-out” policy. What’s wrong with this!????!?!!

    • fadfadsf adsfad

      This wasn’t an accident. He purposely drove into the on-coming lane in order to go around a slower car.

      Need to stop using the “accident” term when talking about car CRASHES

    • Tyrd Ferguson

      If you had any loved ones you wouldn’t posit such stupidity. If your boyfriend is worth the same price as an animal then go ahead and comment. How friggin insulting to the family of the deceased. Either you’re a jerk or you’re stupid.

  • Anonymous

    For one thing, your comparing a human life to an animal. Big difference. Secondly, there is not “3-strike you’re-out” policy nationwide. I believe you are trying to reference a California policy. The elderly man should have got more years. His age is no excuse for poor decision making an a history of terrible driving.

    • Yes means Yes

      well this isn’t texas, this is colorado. If you have a problem with the Texas case you need to address it with the system in texas.

      • S2

        Yes I do have a problem with the system in Texas, and the system in Colorado, if the victim (R.I.P.) had been any other than law enforcement I’d wager to say the outcome would have been different. Think Evans Colo., Boulder, Denver multiple times.

  • Tyrd Ferguson

    I don’t care how old he is. He drove like a dangerous a-hole. He’s prolly driven like that his whole life. Nevertheless, his family got to enjoy his life for over 80 years and he selfishly and savagely took the life of another. He will live out his last years in a halfway house. GOOD RIDDANCE!

    • IvyEducated

      That’s a horrible thing to say. It was an accident and what happened to the Police Officer is horrible but consider that this is an 83 yar old man who is very sincere about what he did. I think its a tragedy what happened, but then again is it really fair how others get probation but he gets 6 years?

      • Anonymous

        You are being simple minded. When it comes to sentencing a person’s previous record is very important this old idiot has a terrible driving record and has caused several other accidents and has had tickets for speeding and reckless driving throughout his life and especially in the last 5 years he deserves what he got and he probably should have gotten worse

  • anonymous

    Six years is harsh. If the cop taught and tried preventing careless driving, why couldn’t him avoid the accident? Both are to blame considering when you get into or on a vehicle you are arming yourself with a lethal weapon and a lot of responsibility comes with that. Whether it is protecting yourself from others on the road or driving in a manner that does not endanger others.

    • Smiley Dave

      you are a mental midget, Blame the victim. Too many people drive horribly. We need more sentences like this. Should not be a half way house.
      Driving is a Privileged not a right.

  • Robert Gift

    Was Kenneth Hosch in a hurry?
    Did he always drive like this?
    Did he start passing where passing is permitted but failed to get back into his lane before the solid yellow line began?
    Why did the deputy not move right and avoid a collision? (Recently, on SH 160 a driver passing misperceived our closing distances. I signaled moved to the right shoulder and no problem. Wife, who is from China, was angry at the driver, though is what is typically done in China.)

    • Anonymous

      yes he always drive like that you was driving fast because she’s always in a hurry I guess because he’s only got a few years to live maybe there is no reason for him to be speeding on that day mystic what’s police officer was going curve so this individual actually was in the wrong side the road part of the road what is blind coming around the corner the absolute dumbest foolish place to ever be across the hour that’s why

  • Nate

    Another victim of the absurdly corrupt “Justice” System. If he had killed a homeless guy walking in the crosswalk he would have gotten probation. Kill a gov’t protected gang member, a street pirate, and all around thug, yourr probably gonna die in custody. #FTG #PoliceState

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