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Truck hauling sand flips over in Boulder, two cars crushed

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Crews rescue driver following truck crash. Credit: Paul Aiken, Daily Camera

Crews rescue driver following truck crash. Credit: Paul Aiken, Daily Camera

BOULDER, Colo. — A semi-truck driver going north on Foothills Parkway in Boulder lost control of his vehicle Friday evening when he tried to torn eastbound onto Baseline Road.

The truck flopped onto its side, crushing two cars and spilling a load of sand onto those two and other vehicles in the intersection. Several cars then crashed in the chain reaction caused by the chaos.

“The first Boulder police officers who arrived at the scene rushed to dig the trapped driver out of the car, using their hands,” Boulder police spokeswoman Kim Kobel says. “Firefighters from Boulder Fire-Rescue and officers from other law enforcement agencies also used their hands to remove the sand. Several citizens who witnessed the accident stopped to help, some of them bringing shovels and buckets and some of them also digging with their hands to remove the sand and rescue the driver.”

That driver, the truck driver and one other person all went to the hospital. All were conscious but the severity of their injuries was not released.

The accident happened at 5:39 p.m. and the area remained closed four hours later. It might be midnight before the scene is cleaned up and reopened.