Families in 3 homes evacuated after destructive wall collapse

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DENVER -- The wall of a house  near Kalamath Street and 12th Avenue suddenly collapsed Wednesday afternoon, and the people who live there left the place like normal Wednesday morning returned to a disaster later in the day.

The house was so unstable that officials told the families in the two neighboring houses to evacuate as well. The people who rented the severely damaged house could see their belongings, but it's unclear if they will ever be allowed to go retrieve them.

Temporary fencing went up Wednesday night around the house where the wall fell, as well as the houses on each side of it.

Engineers spent the day Thursday trying to see if there would be a way to shore up the structure. There is a chance it will just have to be demolished with everything still inside of it.

The woman who lives there is obviously concerned. She says she's a photojournalist and all of her camera equipment is in the house.