Widening project on northbound I-225 from Parker to Mississippi is done

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AURORA, Colo. -- For the first time in two years, northbound I-225 between Parker Road and Mississippi Avenue in Aurora does not have any construction equipment on it. All lanes are open as the highway widening project hits a major milestone.

It's a huge relief for drivers who have been stuck in the slow moving traffic as crews added a fourth lane in each direction.

The $63 million project was two decades in the making. "It will remove the last remaining bottleneck on northbound I-225, an effort that started in 1994," says Project Chief Engineer Jerome Estes. "Literally hundreds  of people have dedicated parts of their life to accomplish this."

The southbound side isn't quite there yet. It will be done in about two months.

Construction on the new I-225 Rail Line continues, but it will not impact highway traffic. It opens to the public in 2016.