Couple returns 5-year-old’s swiped iPod after seeing TV report

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Couple is wanted for stealing iPod from 5-year-old girl

A couple was caught stealing an iPod from 5-year-old girl in Aurora.

AURORA, Colo. — The 5-year-old girl who had her iPad swiped from an Aurora yogurt store had the device returned after a woman saw herself on TV being identified as a suspect, the Aurora Police Department said Wednesday.

A security camera caught the couple swiping the iPod from a table at the Menchies at Gardens on Havana frozen yogurt shop in Aurora.

After the couple sat down, one of them picked it up and looked at it. The woman then pulled a chair over to the table and the man dropped the iPod into her purse.

Aurora Police said the woman saw herself on Telemundo Denver News and contacted police about 10:30 p.m. Tuesday wanting to return the iPod.

Officers met the couple, who told officers they found the iPod and waited for the owners to return. When they didn’t, they took it and left.

Aurora Police say the couple told them they never intended on keeping the iPod but “they had been so busy they (simply) forgot about it until they saw the news and were reminded that they had the iPod and called police to turn it over to us.”

Officers returned the iPod to the owner. The father of the victim was grateful it had been returned and declined to press charges.