VA leader during Denver visit: Scandal will cost more people their jobs

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DENVER -- More Veterans Affairs employees will be losing their jobs over the scandals at VA Hospitals across the country.

VA Deputy Secretary Sloan Gibson made the announcement Wednesday while touring facilities in Denver.

Gibson said any employee who helped falsified records should be fired.

An independent audit found clerks falsified documents wait times in Fort Collins and Cheyenne, Wyo. to make it look like veterans were getting care within 14 days. The reason employees tampered with records is because they were tied to bonuses, which also have been put on hold for 2014.

Gibson told FOX31 Denver public trust needs to be earned back and it will take time.

He said he hopes the $15 billion approved by Congress last week, and expected to be signed into law Thursday by President Obama, will be a start. Although he admitted it won’t fix all the problems in the VA.

Part of the money, nearly $13 million, will come to Colorado.  The money will be used to help reduce wait times, hire doctors and allow veterans to go to private doctors.

The goal is to get wait times down from 110 days at the Denver facility to 30 days.

“No Veteran should have to wait for the care and services that they have earned and deserve,” Gibson told FOX31 Denver.