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RTD BroncosRide changes designed to speed ways fans get to the stadium

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DENVER -- There are some changes coming to the RTD BroncosRide for both the Broncos preseason and the regular season, but it will likely speed up the way some fans get to the game.

Last season, an estimated 18,000 Broncos fans took public transit to get to Sports Authority Stadium, including the special BroncosRide buses and light rail options to the stadium. This season more fans will need to opt for light rail because there will be fewer bus options.

RTD is doing away with the BroncosRide bus that used to leave from the Federal Center in Lakewood, but fans can still park at the Federal Center and take the Light Rail W Line from that same location. It takes them right to the stadium.

"We're duplicating our services at that location by offering both bus and rail service when they can just jump on the train and come on in," said RTD Spokeswoman Lisa Trujillo.

You'll also want to jump on the train if you were planning on parking downtown. In the past you could take a BroncosRide shuttle from Market Street station but that is now closed. Instead, fans will have to go to Union Station and take the light rail two stops over to the stadium.

The light rail options are not part of the BroncosRide ticket passes or pricing, so one way light rail fares will apply.

Still, Castenda says the light rail service will be a much more reliable option, especially during Thursday's game, which will kick off just after 7 p.m.

"We are trying to get the daily commuters from downtown home, and we are also trying to get the fans to the game, so our buses can only travel as fast as traffic allows us to," Trujillo said.