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WATCH: Iceberg collapse in Canada creates huge wave, freaks out woman

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BAY OF EXPLOITS, Newfoundland — Wanda Stead and her husband were on the Bay of Exploits in Newfoundland when an arch-shaped iceberg started to collapse.

As they filmed the collapse, chunks of ice hit the water and created a giant wave that headed toward the couple. In the footage posted to YouTube, Wanda is heard screaming, “Run Rick go, go!”

They were far enough from the iceberg that the wave flattened, but it was a heart-stopping few moments for the couple.

Wanda told CBC News: “I think my heart came up, and I swallowed it. I was petrified. All I could see was this tidal wave coming toward us.”

“We were too close,” she said. “Accidents are unplanned events. You never know with something that big … and people need to know.”

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    Watch: Woman Freaks out after Iceberg collapse creates huge wave…. You work for a news site where writing is an essential part of your job. Get it right.

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