Motorcyclist killed after apparently losing control; EB I-70 off-ramp at York closed

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DENVER — A motorcyclist was killed Tuesday morning after he appeared to have lost control and fell off, the Denver Police Department said.

The accident at East 46th Avenue and York Street occurred about 8:15 a.m. and forced the closure of the eastbound Interstate 70 off-ramp at York. No other vehicles were involved.

The Colorado Department of Transportation expects the off-ramp closure to be “long-term” as the fatality is investigated. It gave no estimated time of when it would reopen.

The closure caused a backup of traffic on eastbound Interstate 70.


  • Robert Gift

    Often the question is if a vehicle driver missed noticing the motorcycle and caused the motorcyclist to evade and collide with something.
    As a motorcyclist, I am always watching for such situations.
    A good driver can make a small human error and cause a motorcyclist to die.

  • Dustin Hudson

    I saw the accident….there was a Denver police officer chasing the motorcyclyst in dead stopped traffic, on the shoulder of I70. There is no way the officer should have been chasing him that fast, in that bad of traffic!! I would guesstimate they were doing over 80+mph.

    • Robert Gift

      ^ Thank you. Changes the story completely.
      I do not understand how a police vehicle has any chance of catching up to a fleeing motorcycle through stopped traffic.
      A motorcyle can squeeze through openings which a police cruiser cannot.

      • Anonymous

        I hope someday someone is rude or insensitive about a VERY HORRIBLE SAD moment for you!!!! For your information MSG CHUCK u insensitive rude person, my brother was the one killed! Grow up and remember u r speaking of someones son, dad, brother, grandpa and friend. Keep your immature nasty comments to yourself! My brother was a kind man and would have given even u something if u needed it! Take some lessons in having some respect.

      • Dawn

        I did not want that previous comment to be anonymous. I am proud to say I am his sister. We all loved him!

    • DEBBIE

      Did anyone else say anything about a chase to the cops or anything? Maybe the cops are the reason he is dead right now! If the cops were chasing him it was probably not for a reason worth taking a life over. I knew the motorcyclist also and he was a great person, one of the best still around.

  • Nic

    He was one of the most amazing men in met had a huge heart would do anything for someone in need. He was on his way to work when it happened he didn’t deserve to be chased like that no matter what he did! Ur in our thoughts and prayers boss

    • Robert Gift

      “he didn’t deserve to be chased like that”
      Did he not determine that there would be a chase and the speed of the chase?
      Debbie: “probably not for a reason worth taking a life over”
      No one “took” anyone’s life.
      Sadly, he caused his own death.
      Was he on drugs or alcohol?

      • debbie

        If there wasn’t a chase involved then he probably wouldn’t have lost control of his bike. For all anyone knows if the police were chasing him then they may have bumped his bike trying to get him to stop and they may have been the cause. It isn’t like the Denver police haven’t ever used excess force or anything. Sadly we probably will never know if the scenario was the police officers fault because they cover for each other so well. They shouldn’t have been chasing anyone in dead stopped traffic on the shoulder anyway, that’s what radios are for. I know that if he was on his way to work then he wasn’t drunk or high.

  • Wiggy

    Again it would be greatly appreciated if anyone with any info about this incident to please contact the family there are so many unanswered questions. I promise we will keep you anonymous email

  • lil bit

    I can not believe that this news story is only about the traffic, it is obvious they are trying to cover up something. Why is it not about the man who lost his life! He deserves more respect than that! He has family and friends that he matters to and who love him very muchHe was a great person hard working honest and very caring! I pray and sincerely hope that this is not the end of this story. I love u uncle n will miss u so much

  • lil bit

    I agree with debbie they probably did bump him and Dustin Hudson comment sounds right on I hope he will contact the family! I pray the police do not get away with this one please come forward if u seen or know n e information!

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