Foothill communities on alert with threat of heavy rain in forecast

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LYONS, Colo. -- With the threat of heavy rains in the forecast Tuesday into Wednesday, Lyons and other communities in the foothills that were devastated by September's record flooding, are preparing.

Lyons officials are urging residents to prepare. Residents can come to the town's fire station to load up on free sandbags, and there are plenty available.

For days in September, Lyons was isolated, nobody coming in and nobody coming out except for the National Guard and first responders. With the possibility of flooding looming, the town waits to see how new Colorado Department of Transportation construction U.S. 36 will fare.

Crews not only shifted the highway between Lyons and Estes Park, but they're still working to get the road up and out of the way of any fast-rising water that could affect towns that rely on U.S. 36.