5 top places to get a speeding ticket in Colorado

DENVER — It only takes a moment and the radar has your speed locked in.

Colorado State Patrol Cpl. Darrell Salberg spends a lot of time watching for speeders.

“We’re not out here to write tickets because if we write this many we get a prize.  We’re out here for the safety of the people on E-470 just like we are for the people in I-25, I-225 and I-70.”

We asked the Patrol for all of their speeding tickets and the location they were issued for 2013.  We then aggregated and mapped all the data and found five locations around the state where the most speeding tickets were issued.

No. 5: I-25 near Longmont

Number 5 on the list is Interstate 25 near Longmont.

In 2013, the State Patrol handed out 437 tickets along this stretch of highway.

I-25 is one of the most traveled parts of the state and the long stretches of roadway from Fort Collins to Denver make it easy for drivers to push the petal to the metal.

No. 4: County Road 8 in El Paso County

In El Paso County, County Road 8, also known as Gold Camp Road, had 449 tickets handed out in 2013, making it fourth on our list.

This narrow road travels from south Colorado Springs west into the mountains.

It passes some popular tourist spots including Penrose-Rosemont Reservoir and several campgrounds in the Pike National Forest.

No. 3: E-470 at m.m. 19

Number three on the list is on the way to Denver International Airport.

Maybe drivers are rushing to a flight, but E-470 at mile marker 19 saw 512 tickets handed out last year.

Salberg said new roads may be one reason why drivers end up speeding.

“I’ve stopped people who had no idea they were just driving because the road was smooth,” he said.

No. 2: Hwy. 160 from Denver to Durango

Number two on the list is a pencil straight stretch of road between Denver and Durango on Highway 160.

In 2013, 576 tickets were passed out for speeding there.

Salberg said he remembers when the fine for speeding jumped from $77 to $167 in 2008.  He said he thought the increase in fine amount would create a degrease in speeders.

It didn’t.

“People are going to speed regardless. It doesn’t matter how much the fine is going to be.”

No. 1: E-470 at m.m. 24

The number one location you are most likely to get caught speeding by the State Patrol is on E-470 at E. 56th Avenue in Adams County.

Last year the State Patrol handed out 652 tickets near that location.

Not everyone who gets a ticket lets it ruin their day.

Salberg told us he remembers giving a ticket to a lady in a Prius.

“She goes, ‘I’m going to go back and tell my friends about this. This is hilarious,'” Salberg said.