Breaking News: 3 killed in Fort Collins shooting near CSU identified

Shots fired after Aurora man confronts car theft suspects

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AURORA, Colo. — Two suspects remain at large after firing shots at a mobile home park early Monday morning, the Aurora Police Department said.

Police say a resident followed and then confronted two men who were attempting to break into a car or steal it at 14470 E. 13th Ave. about 4:30 a.m. Monday. The suspects then fired seven shots, though it’s not clear if they were shooting at the resident or to just to scare him off. There were no injuries.

The resident could not give a description because it was dark and he didn’t get a good look at the suspects, police said. The suspects fled the area on foot.


  • Robert Gift

    Why would you not CALL POLICE and have them catch the criminals?
    Instead you CONFRONT CRIMINALS who could be armed and INJURE or KILL you?
    You fail to get any good information and they get away?
    (They probably fired to scare the man away.)

    If possible, without endangering yourself, get description and details and speak them to yourself to aid memorizing them.
    Guide police.

  • Duke Paulsen

    Definition: 911
    Government sponsored “Dial-A-Prayer”
    Sometimes it works — If Police can respond Quickly.
    Sometimes it don’t — Crooks/Bad Guys know more than likely if discovered by Owner, they’ve more than enough time to get away. Gunfire can “buy” anywhere from 1-60 seconds of getaway time.

    • Robert Gift

      ^ You would kill over material possessions?
      You would invite lengthy horrible legal problems and prosecution over possessions?
      Even a criminal’s life is worth infinitely more than our possessions.
      I am armed. I would shoot only to prevent my wife, our dog or myself from being harmed.

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