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Weld County man accused of bar hopping on lawnmower facing DUI charge

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(Photo: Joshua Lurie/MGN Online)

GARDEN CITY, Colo. — A Weld County man is facing a DUI charge after being accused of bar hopping on a lawnmower, the Greeley Tribune reported.

Kenneth Welton was arrested about 10 p.m. Tuesday after visiting two bars in the area. A deputy said Welton had bloodshot and watery eyes, an odor of alcohol on his breath, difficulty with motor skills, slurred speech and couldn’t stand without support. The deputy said Welton refused roadside sobriety testing and blood or breath tests.

READ: Kenneth Welton affidavit

An arrest affidavit says Welton is a habitual traffic offender and has a revoked driver’s license.


    • Mary

      Like it or not, the habitual DRUNK was driving under the influence. Would you be happier if he had run over a kid on a bicycle or a parent pushing a stroller – OR YOU? Or should the police have gotten him off the streets before he was able to even simply damage property or maim or kill someone?

  • Anonymous

    What if he was “driving” a shopping cart under the influence or maybe a skateboard or roller skates? What if he was driving a remote controlled car? What if he was driving a golf club under the influence. DUI should be restricted to motor vehicles over a certain weight and horsepower, i.e., it should be for vehicles designed for roads, i.e., cars, trucks, and motorcycles.

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