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Berkeley graduate finds unfortunate typo on communications diploma

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STOCKTON, Calif. -- A California man found a startling typo on the UC Berkeley diploma that had been sitting on his wall for years.

Alex Harris earned his mass communications degree in 2003. He sent back the first and second diplomas he received in the mail because they were wrinkled, one of them arriving in a dirty envelope.

"The third one they sent, we took a look at it and said 'OK, looks great. No wrinkles.' Put it in the frame, and it hung on our wall for several years," he said.

But while packing to move recently, his wife noticed something wrong with the otherwise distinguished document: The first vowel in the word "Communications" is a "U" instead of an "O."

Harris doesn't have any ill will toward his alma mater.

"Yeah, I don't want to blame them too much," he said. "It was probably just one person."

He is going to request a correct diploma as long as he doesn't have to return his now-famous one.

"There's no way I'm giving this up," he said.


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