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Woman in labor not allowed to cross street to L.A. hospital until Obama’s motorcade passed

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LOS ANGELES — A woman who was in labor Wednesday afternoon was not allowed to cross the street to get to a hospital because President Barack Obama’s motorcade was going to pass through the area, the Los Angeles Times and the Blaze website reported.

People took to Twitter to show video and pictures as the woman sat on a bus bench, waiting to get to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

One witness, Carrie Clifford, sent out a series of tweets and photos to chronicle the event.


  • Kevin

    This would have happened with any PRESIDENTIAL MOTORCADE!!! Anyone that is blaming Obama is an idiot.

    • Anonymous

      You are an idiot and clearly have no care for women and children!! I would LOVE to see you deal with labor! They knew EXACTLY where the president was at all times and easily could have let her cross in time!! MAKE WAY FOR THE KING!!!

    • ohmageezers

      They DO tests him with higher security than past presidents. When you’re hated as much as he is, you have to up the protection. Shame they made her sit though. Not that hard to do a pat down and let her through if the vehicles are still a while off.

  • stacie

    I love how the only comments on here are by men. Once you go into labor, you will understand why this is messed up.

  • Mary

    For all you TOOLS blaming Obama, you have just proven you flunked Logic 101!

    Did Obama plan the motorcade route without even considering that people might need to get to the hospital on the route? If not, shouldn’t the FOOL who planned the route be blamed?

    Was Obama even notified of the situation BEFORE it “hit the fan”? If not, shouldn’t the security crew be blamed?

    Those in charge of things like this deserve every brickbat you want to throw – but as someone else said, the same thing would be true of any other president (not that some of you folks want to believe that)!

  • C.M.

    Prolly safer she stayed sitting cause he might have told the driver to floor it! Ya know how he likes to kill babies

  • harmony johnson

    I know its not obamas fault, but come on this is a woman in labor! cant we have some common since? the medical staff were aloud to cross couldnt they have gotten a wheel chair or gurney to get her across the street safely? she had plenty of time and there was plenty security around! this is just absolutly rediculous

  • Lauri M. Garrison

    I am definitely NOT a fan of Mr. Obama his policies, or his extreme indifference to the well being of our country, That said,, in this instance, he made no difference. Regardless of which president had been coming through, she would have had to wait for the motorcade to clear the area. Had she been in active labor, she would have been taken to a different facility (I a certain there was a back up plan in place).

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