Enraged mother beats college student she believed photographed her kids

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SPRINGFIELD, Mass. — An enraged mother chased down and attacked a college student who she believed took photos of her children without her permission.

The 22-year-old female student, who police confirmed was working on a project for a photography class, was taking photos at a public water park, police told CBS 3. At one point, Victoria M. Torres, 32, confronted the student and demanded she delete photos of the woman’s children.

It was not clear whether the student actually had photographed the children, but in most cases, it would be legal to do so since the park is considered a public venue with no expectation of privacy.

The student, who did not want to have a confrontation, turned to leave the park, but as she was walking away the woman grabbed her from behind, threw her to the ground, and punched and kicked her multiple times, police charged. She then stomped the student’s face and unsuccessfully attempted to steal her $4,000 camera, the charges allege.

Torres fled the scene, but was caught by police. She stands charged with assault with intent to rob, assault and battery, and assault and battery “by means” for stomping the student while wearing heavy shoes, police said.



    • Shootmyownfood

      Country of origin? Guess what? There have been people with Hispanic surnames in North America longer than any other European group. Please try again, and don’t make unwarranted assumptions.

  • Mariah Canfield-Jones

    Wow….I think that the woman just wanted the student’s camera, that might have been the ONLY reason she would have gone up to demand the pictures deleted. I vote that Victoria M. Torres saw something she wanted, came up with that bull story to get the student to walk out, then assault and steal the camera for herself, but she didn’t take into account witnesses and basically ran off. That’s what this person believes

  • Bobbi

    Sounds like the psycho bit** was just trying to get her camera! She needs her butt kicked for what she did to that poor student! I hope she sues that worthless trash for everything she can! That’s absolutely DISGUSTING behavior!

    • Anonymous

      I agree. This woman needs to be sued and pay restitution to the poor victim. She also needs her kids taken away from her…someone needs to beat her to a pulp!

  • Mark Wester

    She left her children behind!!!….unfit mother, thief on top of assault and battery!!!…nothing was said if there were in fact children that were actually hers…just saying..

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