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WATCH: Miami mascot Sebastian the Ibis walks bride down aisle

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MIAMI — Jennifer Urs Sullivan works at the University of Miami and she was not looking forward to walking down the aisle at her wedding because her father had died and she had no one to accompany her.

But as part of the school’s “RENEWED” initiative to be more active in the community, the school stepped up to have someone walk Urs Sullivan down the aisle — the school’s mascot, Sebastian the Ibis, Yahoo reported.

After she walked down a long staircase by herself, video posted to YouTube shows Sebastian coming from one of the hallways to walk Urs Sullivan to her husband-to-be Patrick. The mascot wore Urs Sullivan’s father’s nickname on the back of its jersey and escorted her as those in attendance applauded.

She wrote on Facebook: “I just want to thank all of the amazing people in the athletic department … who helped to make this happen. Without you, my day might have been just a little less beautiful.”