Pregnant teen strangled, boyfriend beheaded in ‘Craigslist killings’

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WYOMING, Mich. — A man killed a couple and their unborn child after the victims arranged via the internet to meet him for sex, a Michigan police chief said.

Brady Oestrike is believed to have beheaded 25-year-old Charles Oppenneer and strangled his girlfriend Brooke Slocum, 18, Wyoming Police Chief James Carmody said Monday at a news conference.

Slocum, who was eight months pregnant, was held captive for a period of time before her death, police said.

When confronted by police on Thursday, Oestrike killed himself, MyFox8 reported. Slocum’s body was found in the trunk of his car. Oppenneer’s body was found in a wooded area, but his head remains missing.

The couple met their suspected killer on Craigslist, police said. They agreed to meet him so that he could have sex with the pregnant Slocum while her boyfriend watched, Carmody said.

Chief Carmody described Oestrike’s residence as “hellish.” More than 400 different items were identified as evidence, including restraints, dozens of firearms, knives, and a collection of electronics that included computers, cameras, and monitoring devices.

The investigation into the deaths revealed a previous relationship where a woman accused Oestrike of domestic violence, but refused to press charges.

No motive for the killings has been established.



    • Anonymous

      Not really. I don’t support it being a victim myself. But really the charges are a slap on the wrist, a paper, and a chance to do it again. I was the second person abused by my abuser so the three charges were not offered a deferment, however most cases, like mine are only misdemeanors. First offenses are given 2-5 years after deferment, so it was just another minor case. Bummer—but each U.S. State takes domestic assaults lightly, letting things like this happen regularly.

  • corinne

    The man in this story murdered left behind 2 young children ages 1 and 2. I am best friends with thier mother and trying to help raise money for her and his children left behind from this horrific murder. Please donate or share link!

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