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Robbers use sledgehammers to break into Park Meadows jewelry store

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Surveillance video shows three men suspected of burglarizing Ben Bridge Jewelers at Park Meadows Mall. (Photo: Lone Tree Police)

LONE TREE, Colo. — Three robbers used sledgehammers to break into a jewelry store at the Park Meadows Mall, police said.

The burglary happened at the Ben Bridge Jewelers store Friday night.

According to police, several display boxes were smashed and multiple Rolex watches were taken.

Witnesses told police that three men left the store and drove away in a silver Jeep Liberty with Colorado license plate 793-OUD.

The three suspects are described as black males in their early to mid-twenties, wearing dark clothing.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Lone Tree Police Department at 303-339-8150.


  • Weezer

    Musta seen “Heat” and had the duffle bags ready. Using a jacked car is priceless. What kind of idiot would use something already looking for with three brothers in it…..the vehicle shoulda been a big one with blankets in back to hide them driven by a 61 year old white guy.

    • Travis havicc

      So you think using stolen cars are reserved for Hollywood movies? Gangs use them daily to commit murders its a method that has been used for decades bonny and Clyde used stolen cars to rob banks. Even certain military operations around the world has made use of stolen cars. The IDF ” israeli defense forces” “Sayeret Matkal” ( if you enjoy researching special forces look them up) used one that looked identical to the Ugandan presidents car when they were allowing a hijacked airliner saftey at their airport. And it worked. Steal a car, rob a store, drive 5 blocks dump the car drive away in your car. Very simple and very effective. By the time they locate the car the trail is cold. That’s why you’re left with “3 black males wearing black” . you fancy yourself a movie buff heat was a great example the movie “the town” is also another good one that semi relates to this. Which was loosely based on actual events. ( spoiler Ben afflecks character and his father in the movie is the same man in real life) fun quote time!

      “If I got one thing against the black chappies, it’s this – no one gives it to you. You have to take it”. – whitey bulger

      • Geoffrey

        I’m not sure whats racist about it. Obama gets to say the black victims could have been his sons, well now the black is the criminal. You can’t have your cake and eat it too! Obama opened that bag of worms.

        obama is a no good racist!

      • Nick

        Nothing racist about it. He is big on the “he could have been my son” thing so why can’t these upstanding citizens be his sons as well?

  • Weezer

    I like the guy in the Stepin Fetchit hat…..those hats were last seen in ’59. Where are the masks? These guys are real dummies (Red Foxx voice). Rudy Ray Moore: Seems like the fellahs needed to find “time” a lot.

  • Patrick

    Hum. Three black males in there 20’s wearing dark clothing. That narrows it down….maybe some professional investigators from a more experienced PD could lend a hand. Not saying that Lonetree PD isn’t professional. I just hope a public appeal isn’t a sign that they got nothing.

    • Travis havicc

      Where to start.. Well that’s the discription if they had their DNA and they were nice enough to leave their birth certificates it would be easy to solve.. Why do you think in da hood they wear long white t-shirts? To hide guns and make it hard to give accurate discription. You’re against the help of the public eye? Why only have law enforcement eyes when you can use millions of eyes. Remember the show Americas most wanted? Do you complain when they issue amber alerts? Should be obvious but in your case its a puzzle of mystery. Life is not a dramatic TV show where jack from 24 solves all the worlds problems. Cheer up kiddo wisdom comes with age your time will come.

  • Chris Coleman

    Any chance there’s a picture from the security footage that you can zoom in on rather than the thumbnail posted within the article? I don’t know them but it would help the purpose of putting it out in the media for the public to recognize them!

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