Mother: Daughter’s accident in Dollar General store led to ‘humiliation’ on Facebook

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HOLT, Mo. — A mother is upset after her 2-year-old daughter’s accident in a store led to humiliation on Facebook.

Samantha Sargent is proud of her daughter, Railyn, who was recently potty-trained. But every now and then she has an accident. Which is what happened Monday at their local Dollar General, according to WDAF.

As they were shopping, the toddler had an accident so the mother cleaned her up and bought her new underwear.

When the family went to check out, Railyn was wearing only a shirt and only her new dry underwear with the wet shorts in the cart.

“The lady just started ringing us up, she didn’t really say anything to us until we were almost finished. That’s when she got to the open package of underwear,” Sargent said. “That’s when she said that she wasn’t properly dressed for a public place and was completely rude and disrespectful, and she humiliated us.”

Sargent went to Facebook asking for feedback, and she was encouraged to talk to the manager. She went back up to the store to complain and expected a call back from the manager.

Instead she said a friend told her the manager posted this on Facebook, asking: “Who thinks it’s ok to have your young daughter in a public place with underwear and a t-shirt?”

This enraged Sargent.

“The biggest part of it was I’m a mom, and that’s my baby, and you don’t talk about my child. That’s a feeling that only a mother can understand,” she said.

Sargent took her complaint to the corporate office, but she says she won’t be going back to the store.

A representative of Dollar General writes:
Dollar General strives to provide customers a respectful, welcoming and pleasant shopping experience with friendly customer service. The recent incident at our store in Holt is not reflective of our mission of Serving Others and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this unfortunate situation may have caused. We are providing additional training to our store associates in Holt to reinforce our company policies regarding customer service and look forward to the opportunity to serve this customer again soon.


  • crazy cat lady

    YES!!!!! Nothing but a t-shirt and underwear for a child in a public place IS inappropriate! Think perverts! I also hope that this is not another, “I’m trying to get money from a retailer” story.

    • Anonymous

      Ok so the 2 year old has an accident and should be put back in the urinated shorts!? Umm no! She cleaned up her child and proceeded to the check out to pay for her things and leave. At that point it shouldn’t of been an issue as she was leaving anyway. If someone did that to my child and myself I would have walked out, left whatever I was buying and not spent a penny in that store!

    • Eve

      Really… the child had an accident? They were on their way out of the store…she wasnt parading her kid around so someone would look at them they were sitting in a cart…

    • Danielle

      Really “Crazy Cat Lady”?? So should the mom have left her in her wet shorts and underwear, from her having an accident in the store? Get real. You clearly don’t have any children. Maybe you should re-read the story! And why don’t you think before you put ignorant comments!!!

  • Mariah Canfield-Jones

    As a Cashier, that is beyond rude, I do express concern for the child’s well being, I have seen many a child have accidents in our store and I don’t judge, the poor kid had enough to deal with. Some of the time I do suggest to the mother the clearance if she so desires so she could at least also have clean clothes to purchase for a dollar or less. It isn’t my place to judge, its up to the parent. I know that people who have kids will have these accidents, this is why if I have a kid, I will have spare clothes on hand, but truthfully, the child is a child, it isn’t their fault, it was an accident, it happens all the time. I have seen kids rip their clothes off in the store and run around in nothing, but a diaper, after all these years, it isn’t a surprise to me. Also its the middle of summer

  • Keven Kuzara

    The little 2 yr girl was in panties and t-shirt because she had an accident. What’s the difference between her, and all those lazy welfare momma’s with there 3-4 years old walking into walmarts wearing diapers and no shirt. Crazy Cat lady, i think you need a bit of a reality check, Have you not been out in public in 80 years, Little children that young are often in stores in diapers and nothing else. I diaper is the same as panties, and this little girls pants were soiled from an accident. Give me a break woman. I don’t see any reason to sue dollar general over this, and personally don’t know why this is colorado news whatsoever, But yes, it is okay for a 2 yr with her mom to be in panties and t-shirt in public, she is a little girl, and she had an accident. Get over yourself, and stop hoarding cats and get out and look around.

  • Angela

    So, knowing her child might have an accident, the mother couldn’t have brought a change of clothes and a plastic bag for the soiled ones? No. Because she would have been inconvenienced. She decides to essentially steal from the store and open a package to place clean undies on her daughter. The mother felt entitled to care for her daughter with no respect for the store. The clerk felt entitled to voice her opinion without respect for a customer. And, the manager felt entitled to be completely stupid and berate a customer on social media. Compassion and some sense would go a long way in problem solving.

    • mom of three

      Maybe she is a first time mom…. She said it was her first accident in public! It is a live and learn situation but any way you look at it it was NOT the cashiers responsibility to be rude! She should have kept her comments to herself! I hope she gets fired!

    • Anonymous

      She didn’t steal anything. She bought and paid for am entire pack of panties. Y’all are nothing but a bunch of Monday morning armchair quarterbacks, saying how much better you would gave handled the situation .

      She could gave just left the puddle of pee in the middle of the store, and just taken new clothes off the shelf. She didn’t. She cleaned it up and put new dry panties on her daughter (because sitting in pee soaked clothing can cause skin infections but to mention embarrassment), then checked out with her items.

      It was a temporary fix to an accident, and I’m sure mom will carry spares from now on. But we don’t know the circumstances surrounding this incident, so who are we to judge? Maybe the diaper bag was in another vehicle or who knows what.

    • Mary

      Get off your broom Angela – the mother did put dry panties on the little girl AND WAS PAYING FOR THEM! I’m betting she may have cleared it with somebody in the store – the some judgmental TWIT LIKE YOU decided that wasn’t “good enough”!

    • Anonymous

      Angela you apparently have no children and honestly I hope you never do because you’re a bit ignorant. In great customer service the customer is always right there is no room for employee opinions.

    • Mark

      How do you know she didn’t have a change of clothes in the car? Also, theft requires intent to permanently deprive. The mother paid for them hence there is no intent. “The mother felt entitled to care for her daughter?” You have a problem with a parent who cares about her daughter?? You have some major wires short circuiting there.

    • Anonymous

      yo, do your homework and read the article. The baby was potty trained. But there can be accidents. Guess you don’t ever make mistakes? Get real. Please

    • Angela Kilpatrick (@AngelaLvthmowls)

      Some ppl would have gone into the store with a full diaper bag with clothes undies etc. However she may have been just running in to grab a few things and didn’t feel the need to drag a whole bag in just for a few min. I’d be more accepting of the the fact that she didn’t have the bag and took the child in. So many ppl nowadays would have just left the child in the car “for just a few” at least she didn’t do that. Lets face it, a tshirt and panties is more than a lot of so called “grown” women wear.

  • Jennifer

    Here are my thoughts….right after my daughter was potty trained, I carried an extra pair of jeans and underwear in the truck with me. If she had an accident then I could easily remedy the situation. I’m more of a conservative mom so I wouldn’t feel comfortable with my daughter wearing only undies in a store even if I was on my to check out. Way too many creppos out there.

  • Dexter Rouge

    Someone who works for State Farm… Hmm, I suppose she didn’t do the State Farm Jingle to save her trouble.

    “Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there~”
    . . . . .
    Where’s my rep? Oh, that’s right, she’s at the Dollar General, with her house-broken kids, making puddles in the isles.

    • drakkenfyre

      Oh Americans, comments like this show me how lacking in empathy for other human beings most of you are.

      • Dexter Rouge

        @DRAKKENFYRE Well, you certainly would not fit in here in America. Best that you stay where you are at. Friend.

  • crazy cat lady

    Oh my! What “adult” responses! It is never, EVER appropriate for a child to be in public with nothing but a T-shirt and panties/diaper. Take some responsibility as a PARENT and DRESS your child. I never went anywhere without extra clothes for my kids just in CASE of an accident, which the mom said she has had! Oh and the soiled shorts in the cart, YUCK!
    There is nothing directly quoting the store or anyone other than the mom about this. After SOOO many “bandwagon” stories the media (social and news) have jumped on, I for one will wait until this one has REALLY been PROVEN to be true!
    BTW, crazy cay lady is a moniker… like anonymous! And my comments don’t have insults or profanities!

    • mom of three

      You are just crazy!!!! I have three children and I would have done the same thing! I can only assume you have no children or that they have never had an accident! Maybe she is a first time mom and did not know any better. Crazy is the appropriate title for you!!!!

      • Anonymous

        Cat Last states she always brought extra clothes for her kids. It helps to read the entire comment instead of mom-raging immediately. CCL is right though. You know the kids is accident prone, bring an entire change of clothes. It’s really not that difficult. Hell, I bring extra clothes on the off chance my Crohn’s disease gets the better of me. Responsibility is key.
        Also, yea it’s gross for her to put the soiled clothes in the cart, unless she put them in a baggie first. Considering she didn’t come prepared, I doubt that’s the case

  • Anonymous

    the only people who would think its not appropriate are perverted people like you.If you think of a 2 year old in underwear in the way your a sicko.Its not like that’s her daily outfit.ACCIDENTS HAPPEN you freak of nature

  • Hillbilliemomma

    I have a little girl who I just potty trained. I usually carry an extra set of clothes with us but there are those times where I need to run to the store real quick and forget to grab some. It is not the childs nor the mothers fault. Kids have accidents. The cashier had no place to say anything to that mother. The mother was not stealing from the store. She paid for everything she had. I have done the samething with my daughter.

  • polo

    No one is talking about the fact that it was the mother who created the post. So she told “Facebook” not the store manager.

    • Danielle

      “Polo” since apparently you don’t know how to read, here you go: “she said a friend told her the manager posted this on Facebook, asking: “Who thinks it’s ok to have your young daughter in a public place with underwear and a t-shirt?”. Clearly it was the manager that put the post on fb, not the mom. Duh! Why would the mom post “Who thinks it’s ok to have your young daughter in a public place with underwear and a t-shirt”? She wouldn’t. Next time read the article, instead of skimming it, especially if you plan on commenting on it.

      • Roxi

        Danielle, maybe you don’t know how to read. The mom posted the incident on facebook asking for feedback. The manager answered her on facebook.

  • Anonymous

    Honeslty, the mom should have known to bring extra clothes if the little girl was just potty trained. And yes, you can keep the wet shorts on her (wash them in the restroom, put them back on her and then change her into fresh panties in the car). Indecent is indecent. Sorry, but as a mom of 2 girls I would never parade my girls around in their underwear.

  • Anonymous

    Technically she was stealing if she put the underwear on her daughter before paying. Sounds like entitlement to me.

  • Dale Gross

    A two year old is not indecent in a pair of underwear and a t-shirt. Perverts? So what? If you don’t want perverts looking, what can you do? Cease to exist? As long as humans have eyes, there will be people who look.

  • Nick

    What kind of white trash puts p ee soaked shorts in a cart? How would this woman feel if her toddlers snacks sitting in some other kids pi ss? Disgusting.

  • Travis havicc

    So we can get national attention for people being rude now? Lol what a joke this mom has way to much time on her hands and sounds like a head case to me. Anyone with a sense of dignity would ignore it and go on with your life. Sticks and stones people get over yourselves. I imagine this psycho lady was sitting on DG Facebook page clicking refresh every 12 seconds hoping for a pay day.

  • Karen Ballengee

    My only problem with this situation is that she took store merchandise into the restroom. Maybe it would have been better to pay first or explain to the clerk what happened. At least she paid for the underwear she bought.

  • Anonymous

    Crazy Cat Lady–
    Don’t ever go to a public swimming pool b/c I assure you that there are children there in nothing but shorts–without even the shirt–especially little boys.

  • Anonymous

    It was not the child’s fault, it was the mother’s. When a child is in diapers you bring extra diapers with you in case she dirties the ones she has on. Same thing with a freshly potty trained child. You don’t even have to bring an entire diaper bag, just put some extras in your purse. I have four kids and have never had to resort to have them in public in just their underwear because I couldn’t be bothered to throw an extra pair of panties and clean pants in my purse. If you are incapable of such a simple thing then maybe dress your child in pull ups when you go out until she has better bladder control.

  • Anonymous

    Everyone is saying what they would do, extra clothes and so forth but unless you are in that situation you just don’t know! My daughter had one accident right after potty training so I cant call it. Maybe the little girl was sounding off because she was embarrassed, or anything else we dont know. The fact is the cashier was wrong plain and simple.

  • Reesah

    SERIOUSLY . . . That cashier must not have kids or she’s a poor excuse for a parent who would probably leave her child their soiled underwear. Numerous people have made negative comments toward the mother, which I feel are out of line. She DID NOT STEAL ANYTHING. She opened a pkg. of panties and put one pair on her child then paid for the entire pkg. before leaving the store. There is no difference between this 2-year-old wearing a T-shirt and panties and women/girls wearing nothing but a swimsuit with a T-shirt? ***THIS MOTHER DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG***

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