Bank robber fleeing police drowns after jumping into river

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Police at the Pueblo River where a bank robber drowned trying to escape officers. (Photo: Pueblo Police)

Police at the Pueblo River where a bank robber drowned trying to escape officers. (Photo: Pueblo Police)

PUEBLO, Colo. — A bank robber fleeing Pueblo Police jumped into a river and drowned while trying to escape, officials said Thursday.

The robbery happened at 2 p.m. at the Security Service Federal Credit Union on Abriendo Avenue, police said.

A man walked into the bank and demanded money. He then fled on foot, police said.

Police said that when officers arrived, a witness pointed to the robber running toward a river trail. Police ran after him.

As the man approached the Santa Fe Bridge, he jumped into the river just above the spillway near the walking bridge, police said.

He swam to and climbed up a concrete pillar in the middle of the river and then began taunting officers, police said.

He then took off his shoes and jumped back into the spillway.

Police said they saw the man briefly resurface before being quickly swept into the underflow.  He never resurfaced.

Now police are working with the fire department’s water rescue unit to find the man’s body.


  • Anonymous

    His family are the best you could ever meet.. he was a really good person back in the day, but he got into trouble and needed a lot of help. That really made you chuckle MC? What kind of a person are you?

  • Mike Bowden

    It’s funny, you yahoos are so quick to comment on this so crudely. Yes what he did wasn’t right but you don’t know the story behind why he did it or his mind state. The fact is you douches need to take a lesson in humanity and have some respect for the people who actually suffer from all this. Right or wrong his family lost a son, a brother, a dad. You don’t know. I wish bad on no one but if anyone of hasn’t ever lost a loved one in any matter maybe you should in order to get a better perspective on things. Have some respect for the innocent here!

  • Mrs. H

    Although what he did was wrong, his community, family and friends chose to remember him as he was growing up. MC and Chuck, this man has children, siblings, nephews, nieces, mom, dad, step mom and numerous more family members. Unfortunately, he did make decisions that ultimately led to his death…..but who are you to judge? Have you always done the right thing…..? You didn’t know who Jeff was before he was lost in a world of drugs. He is our cousin and we will always love him. As for you who act like you are sooooo perfect, I hope you also have mercy on your soul when your day comes.

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