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Two bodies found on Mount Evans confirmed as missing father and son

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Damian McManus and Evan McManus.

CLEAR CREEK COUNTY, Colo. — Two bodies found Thursday on Mount Evans are those of a father and son from Minnesota who went missing in April, the Clear Creek County Sheriff’s Office announced Friday.

A source told KMSP in Minneapolis on Thursday night that officials had positively identified the bodies as Damian McManus, 51, and his son Evan, 19.

Alpine and Rocky Mountain Rescue spokesman Tom Dale said two hikers made the gruesome discovery around 10 a.m. in the area of Vance Creek. After crews responded to the area, the second body was found.

The bodies were turned over to the Clear Creek County Coroner’s office, which confirmed the identities.

The McManuses went missing on Mount Evans on April 6. Despite exhaustive searches, there had previously been no sign of them.

The father and son were on a spring break trip when they didn’t return from a hike. They were last spotted at a Lakewood restaurant on the morning of April 2, based on a credit card transaction. Their SUV was found in the Echo Lake Campground parking lot.

Rescue teams dedicated 46 days and 5,000 hours to the rescue and recovery of the McManuses.


  • webo

    Fox31 were the hikers that discovered the bodies were firefighters from MN that came out on their own time this week to help look for them?
    Also Fox31, unless your info is hot off the press you might be running with statements from unauthorized sources. From a MN TV station website, “Despite other media reports, a family spokesperson tells KSTP the bodies have not been positively identified at this time.”

  • Molly

    The bodies have been identified as Evan and Damian. Also, Evan is 18.
    I miss them both dearly. They were two of the sweetest people I have ever known.

  • Robert Gift

    So sorry. Struck by lightning?
    Did they slide and fall to their deaths?
    High altitude pulmonary edema?
    Surely not exposure. They would have known better.

    • Travis havicc

      You clearly have no idea how unpredictable mountain regions are. The day they went missing that area got hit with a massive blizzard. Even the most experienced, well equipped hikers would have struggled to survive those conditions. For a Colorado boy you should know this. I wouldn’t recommend you going deep into the mountains because you don’t respect its power.

      • mario

        Nice Travis. You just turned a sad but yet relieving event into a “I know more about surviving in the mountains than you do” pissing match. Not a great example.

      • Robert Gift

        ^ Except that I have been prepared for unpredictable changes: shelter, clothing, food, water.
        (Except for lightning). We have snow lightning.
        The only preparation for lightning is to not be out where one can be struck.
        People have been killed by lightning while in their tents.

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